Green Lane Farm Maze

Creating the largest corn maze in Wales

Green Lane Farm Maze


In the spring of 2021, siblings Becky and Richard had a vision - to transform one of their farm's fields into a fun-filled family attraction. Archway were approached with the exciting challenge of designing an immersive maize maze for families to enjoy throughout that summer, and to convert this unique idea into a reality. What began as a one-time project soon flourished into a remarkable success, laying the foundation for what has since become an exciting annual tradition.

The Challenge

With no prior maze experience, our task was to turn a blank canvas of an 8-acre field into a captivating adventure. The project had a critical deadline in order to be ready for the summer season, as it was important to ensure there was ample time for planting the maize, and also allowing time for it to grow.

Maze Design

With limited time and a vision in hand, our team meticulously crafted an intricate and visually appealing maze design. The result was an adventure filled with twists, turns, dead-ends, and challenges throughout.

Through radical collaboration and creative thinking, this maze design wasn't just a pattern; it was a journey waiting to be explored by those who ventured in.

Brand Identity

As the maze design took shape, so did the need for a brand identity. We created a vibrant and welcoming logo that encapsulated the spirit of Green Lane Maize Maze. This emblem served as an inviting gateway, promising visitors a day filled with outdoor exploration and family fun.

"Archway's enthusiasm for our crazy idea was clear from day one, and our vision has been transformed into a reality. Three years later, we have had thousands of delighted visitors - it has surpassed all of our expectations."

Becky Summons

Co-founder    Green Lane Maize Maze

Signage and Wayfinding

Navigating the maze was clearly the most important part of the adventure. To make this experience as enjoyable and intriguing as possible, we designed signage elements to help visitors should they need any assistance. For example, if visitors found themselves lost or in need of hints, specially created signage was placed around the maze at various points. These included QR codes that, once scanned, would direct them to an online image to help with their escape route.

The Outcome

This initial one-time project quickly evolved into an annual attraction. The inaugural maze exceeded all expectations, and it became a beloved summer destination for locals and tourists alike.

Due to this success, Archway is proud to have been asked to produce maze designs every year since, and it is a project we look forward to each and every summer.

The farm's vision and our creative collaboration transformed a simple yet expansive field into a canvas of exploration, offering families and adventurers an annual journey of discovery and outdoor fun.

A huge thanks to Becky, Richard, and all of the team at the farm for the opportunity to realise their vision, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with new ideas in the future.