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Fuchsia is a popular cafe nestled in the iconic coastal town of Tenby.

Embarking on a journey of transformation when it changed hands, the new owners sought a complete revitalisation of the brand, both inside and out.

Archway were entrusted with breathing new life into Fuchsia's identity, encompassing a refreshed logo and branding, business collateral, and an inviting online presence.

The Challenge

Fuchsia required a new direction for its identity, one that seamlessly blended the cafe's existing charm with a modern touch.

The building's interior had undergone an inspiring refurbishment, making it essential that the visual identity resonated with the cafe's new ambience. Moreover, the website required a user-friendly design that mirrored the warmth and appeal of the physical space.

Brand Identity

The logo was carefully reimagined, striking a balance between nostalgia and modernity as it drew inspiration from the cafe's original charm, embracing a classic yet contemporary aesthetic.

Natural and earthy shades were chosen to evoke feelings of familiarity and warmth, while the typography was meticulously selected to enhance the cafe's inviting personality.

With the new logo and branding in place, the business cards were crafted as a tangible extension of the cafe's identity.

The seamless incorporation of design elements ensured each card carried a piece of the cafe's welcoming atmosphere.

The menus underwent a complete transformation to align with the new branding; a blend of elegant typography and strategic layout choices improved readability and highlighted the café's culinary offerings.

The design aimed to captivate patrons before they even stepped into the café, and the result was a visually appealing and also more functional menu, guiding customers through their food and drink choices.

"This collaboration with Archway was instrumental in reimagining our identity. We are delighted with our new look and have received countless positive comments from new customers and our regulars."

"This collaboration with Archway was instrumental in reimagining our identity. The design work seamlessly brought together the old and the new, creating an environment that feels both familiar and exciting. Our customers have responded with enthusiasm, and our online presence has never been stronger."

Georgina Davies

Owner    Fuchsia

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Fuchsia needed a brand new identity.

Fuchsia is a well-known and much loved cafe in picturesque Tenby, Pembrokeshire. They pride themselves on their friendly nature, quality homemade food, and high levels of customer service.